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A uniquely styled clock with multiple black wire loops protruding from the small clock face. The clock face itself is made from silver metal with a glass cover. 


SKU: N0621

EAN - 5055851606210



A clock with diamond effect gems running along the circumference of the clock. The clock face is made out of silver metal. 


SKU: N0620

EAN - 5055851606203



A unique clock with twelve black metal flowers with a diamond effect stone in the centre of each, in slightly varying sizes. 


SKU: N0619

EAN - 5055851606197



A uniquely designed clock with twelve metal mirrored spikes in between a further twelve diamond effect stoned on sticks. 


SKU: N0618

EAN - 5055851606180



A unique large clock with thirty peacocks inspired sticks coming off it with plastic diamond effect stoned on them. 


SKU: N0616

EAN - 5055851606166



A unique golden clock with a geometry inspired black wire line design in the background. 


SKU: N0615

EAN - 5055851606159



A clock with unique stationery design. The clock face has red lines running across resembling a note pad. 


SKU: N0614

EAN - 5055851606142



A clock with two large metal wings attached to the clock face in a lovely simple design. 


SKU: N0613

EAN - 5055851606135



A clock in unique DIY theme design. The clock is made out of metal and plastic. Also, Screwdrivers and Pliers have been used to represent the different hours on the clock.  


SKU: N0612

EAN - 5055851606128



A clock made entirely out of silver metal with a kitchen utensil theme. The clock has spoons, forks, knives and slotted spoons to represent the different hours.  


SKU: N0611

EAN - 5055851606111



Stainless steel spoon & fork kitchen utensil wall clock with 6 spoons and 6 forks. The centre clock has a knife and fork for the hands.  


SKU: N0609

EAN - 5055851606098



Cut out black metal Roman numeral wall clock with gold hands and wooden border.  


SKU: N0601

EAN - 5055851606012