Seven Benefits of Using Jumping Rope

jumping rope is a simple exercise with multiple benefits. It only takes a little rope, learning the technique, and improving times. It is one of the activities that generate the highest caloric expenditure, even above running.

These are Seven Benefits of jumping rope:

The skipping rope favours the oxidation of fatty acids. This is the benefit that always mentions as a priority of this exercise. “Jumping allows you to burn about 12 calories per minute as long as it performs at a frequency of 120 revolutions per minute.

In other words, the rope passes under the feet about 120 times in a minute, “says Martin Recalt, physical trainer. At first, it fails too much to do it continuously, but once the technique is incorporated, you can start for seven minutes a day, continue for 15 minutes a day, and then maybe 25 minutes a day with a frequency of 5,6 times a week.

Each person finds his time and rhythm, and thus the number of minutes increases, “he adds. The caloric burn at 120 revolutions per minute is about 240 calories every 25 minutes.

Improves Endurance

Another benefit, with breathing or the flow of oxygen is necessary to do physical activity. When we improve the resistance, that flow rate expands. “Continuous training with the rope almost exponentially improves endurance.

Also, it strengthens the heart because it is a cardiovascular exercise par excellence since this aerobic conditioning benefits the entire blood circuit.

It Favours Coordination

“In boxing, it is said that whoever cannot jump rope cannot do boxing. “This refers to the fact that coordination use to box. Jumping rope is an activity that involves the entire nervous system; a high degree of attention is required. In each jump or lap, our coordination ability is tested.

This depend, especially when fatigue begins to affect the body, which is when coordination tends to fail. As you get tired, you have to maximize concentration.

Involves Muscles

Jumping rope puts the entire lower body to work, especially the gluteus maximus and calves; the upper body, such as the arms and shoulders, but also to the mid zone, the abdominal and lumbar muscles responsible for generating balance and allowing coordination to maintain at each turn. All of these muscles gain strength and tone.

Better Body Awareness

As so many joints (such as knees, ankles, wrists, and shoulders), and body muscles are involved in the same activity, it favours the development of body awareness, the relative position of our muscles in the body and their function when performing the exercises.

It is for Everyone

It is a very simple exercise to learn that has practically no cons. However, you have to pay attention to the joints. “In principle, everyone can do it, except for those who have a knee problem. Skipping involves a lot of joint mobility of the ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders

It’s Fun

“Something that should not miss is that it is a fun exercise; it is not monotonous or automatic, such as the treadmill or exercise bike. Maintaining constant attention makes it a constant challenge. Also, there are variants; when one evolves in time, it incorporates different gestures when jumping. That varies the complexity and operates a kind of choreography, through which one moves from one movement to the other.

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