Navigating the Investment Terrain: Tom Rotmans’ Journey of Success

Investing is a dynamic game. While some people consider it a headache, others find it exhilarating. But for those who approach it as a challenge – a dynamic duel against risk and reward – there lies the path to prosperity.

Speaking from experience, those who consider it a challenge survive failures and rebound better. Perhaps, that’s the key to being a successful trader/investor, a player’s mindset. Facing obstacles head-on, yet being cautious about it, is the essence of a successful investor.

Tom Rotmans, CEO and founder of Rotmans Consultancy, is an expert trader who has seen his fair share of losses. According to him, that’s what makes him an expert in the first place. He approaches trading as a challenge where he is in a win-win situation. Making good returns on investment is obviously a win.Yet, in the heart of his approach lies the art of turning setbacks into stepping stones. 

Let’s look at one recent event in Rotmans’ trading life. It clearly shows how his way of thinking was a big part of why he did well.

During the unfortunate Russia-Ukraine war, Europe had difficulty meeting gas demands. With soaring prices and negative economic effects, the most viable option was to import these resources from the US. This was a great opportunity for investors to invest in the shipping of liquefied Natural Gas from the US to Europe and support in establishing alternative routes of this vital energy commodity.

Through his company, Rotmans also heavily invested in this opportunity. Initially, the trade blossomed, with daily revenues soaring to $200K. Tom had the seasonal pattern and data models all indicating profits, yet an early decline followed due to major logistical challenges and the outage of a large export terminal which disturbed the market. Tom had to liquidate assets due to hefty LNG tanker rates. He lost his seven-figure investment, and for the first time, his business ended the year in the red.

If I was in his shoes, perhaps I would hesitate to invest anything again. However, in this apparent setback, Tom saw a priceless lesson to be learned.He dissected the loss, scrutinizing every aspect for valuable insights. He learned how to stay more vigilant and on his toes to respond more quickly to a decline.

Tom used the experience to fortify his data models and analyze seasonal patterns more effectively. He further understood the importance of proper risk analysis and upgraded his risk management game.

Therefore, even after facing a net loss, Tom rebounded quickly and was on track to success in no time. More surprisingly, he is even known as an expert in the trade of commodities like Natural Gas, Oil, and the overall Energy market. 

Using the lessons he’s chalked up, Tom’s now guiding companies worldwide to step up their trading and investment game. He’s helping them to break down data in a way that rings true for better decisions.

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