Living the Champagne Lifestyle: How it Could be Affecting Your Skin

Living the Champagne Lifestyle

The Instagram-fuelled champagne lifestyle looks a good one doesn’t it? Evenings in with a glass of wine, a night on the town with the Prosecco. It’s the high life.

But with it there’s also high risk too, especially when it comes to the damage it may be causing your skin.

More and more of us are struggling with alcohol problems these days, and it can have a real impact on how we look.

Primrose Lodge, an alcohol rehab in Surrey, cite things like a puffy face, dark circles and red face as signs of alcoholism in the face, but there are a wealth of other skin problems that can occur, making people look unhealthy and lack that glow we all strive for.

Among the main skin problems you may face by consuming too much alcohol can be found below. Time to give up? It could be…


As alcohol is a diuretic, drinking regularly won’t hydrate you but in fact will have the opposite effect, as the body will lose more water than it takes in.

This dries out the skin and will leave it not only prone to irritation, but also could lead to flaky skin and more prominent wrinkling that no anti-aging cream can combat.

Premature ageing

Alongside wrinkles, things like sagging skin and dull skin will also accelerate and appear at an earlier age. This is because alcohol damages the proteins in the skin that are vital for keeping your skin healthy and firm.

These proteins are collagen and elastin, and the difference between someone who has seen these proteins damaged as a result of alcohol and a person who’s completely teetotal really is telling.


Similarly, Rosacea is a condition that inflames the face and has a visible say on how you look. It’s perhaps the most well-known skin problem due to alcohol, with people becoming red faced, as well as blood vessels appearing more prominently.

It affects lighter skinned people especially, and can completely change the way you look.

Broken blood vessels

This can again be another face-changing feature, with alcohol leading to a dilation of blood vessels, which leads to them bursting.

The marks will then appear on your face and leave it looking healthy and marked for life.

Skin cancer

While we might associate too much sun with skin cancer, alcohol has also been linked to the disease. That’s largely due to the fact that drinking regularly will weaken the immune system and in turn make you more vulnerable to skin cancer, as well as a host of other diseases, of course, including liver problems which, again, can have an impact on your skin.