Involuntary weight loss, Significant causes, its categories


The weight loss seems to be a worry when it happens involuntary or by mistake, but losing weight  due to unknown reasons, and undiagnosed medical issues.

It is compulsory to go for the medical test from the medical experts. And the needed steps to follow, as advised. So as to get heal from the problem  of losing weight.

Overview of Involuntary or Unthinking Weight Loss

Involuntary weight loss means a drop in body weight of 5 kilograms. And at the same time, you try not to lose weight.  And it is affected by calorie intake, also activity level, general health, nutrient absorption, and economic, social issues.

Causes or Reasons of Involuntary Weight Loss

  • Frequently weight loss occurs due to the intake of lesser calories. It prevents the digestive system from absorbing nutrients.
  • Few people have a different type of sickness that makes them use more calories. For example, cancer decreases hunger. But it also increases calorie usage, which leads to loss of weight.
  • The long term illness also causes severe weight loss. For example, HIV AIDS.

The Causes of Involuntary Weight Loss Divided into Two Types

1. People increased hunger

2. People decreased hungriness

With Improved or Increased Desire for Food, the Most Common Unclear Causes of Involuntary Weight Loss are

  • An intense thyroid gland
  • Uncontrolled diabetes

With Diminished or Decreased Taste for Food, the Most General Unknown Reasons for  Unplanned Weight Loss are

Home care

The image result for Home care

  • Your fitness care provider may advise changes in your diet.  And also an exercise program depending on the cause of losing weight.

When to Consult a Medical Expert

  • You or a family member loses more weight than is measured normal for your age and height.
  • The loss of more than 4.5 kilograms  body weight in 6 to 12 months  and there is no reason.
  • Other signs in addition to weight loss.

What to Expect in the Doctor’s Office

They will ask about your medical past and signs, such as

  •  How much weight loss?
  • When did it begin?
  • It happened suddenly or slowly
  • Have you been eating less?
  • Extra stress
  • Pain from  constipation
  • Feeling more thirst and drinking more liquids
  • What medicines are you taking?
  • Needs a fitness care  advise


  • The above article advice you follow the daily exercise and the proper diet as showed by the Fitness care provider.
  • In case of emergency, do visit the expert doctor’s clinic.