How To Install Smart Thermostats At Your Company’s Office Building

There are several important steps to install smart thermostats in company office buildings. Don’t let the fear of electrical wiring and circuit boards shake you. The process to install these advanced, high-tech HVAC systems is relatively easy. After the installation, these systems go a long way in keeping your team cozy, comfortable, and productive. Plus, smart-connected devices can have a serious impact on business electricity bills and eco-friendliness. As a business owner yourself, you should know how to purchase, install, test, and use your own thermostat system. This way, you can move even closer to an innovative high tech office workplace. Read on to learn how to install smart thermostats at your company’s office building.

Inspect Compatibility

Before you start unscrewing and installing, you need to find smart thermostats that are compatible with your HVAC system. Not every kind of connected thermostat will work in your office space. You need to find something that can accommodate the type of system you have. You’ll need to check what kind of heating system you have. For most office spaces, this is either a furnace or heat pump. Then, verify how your system was originally wired. You may encounter issues if your existing system has thick or stranded wires that are connected with nuts. Similarly, thermostats between 110 and 120 V may also have compatibility problems. Thankfully, most thermostats offer an easy-to-follow compatibility checker, which you can find right on their website.

Remove The Faceplate

Next, you can remove the faceplate on your existing thermostat. Before you do so, turn off all power to your HVAC system. You want to ensure that the thermostat isn’t current receiving any electricity. Then, you can remove the covering on your old thermostat. This should expose the backplate, as well as the essential wiring. Before you start to disconnect anything, take a few clear pictures. This way, you can remember how everything looked when it was properly functioning. Remember to be incredibly careful and detail-oriented during this process. After all, you are dealing with systems that could greatly impact indoor air quality at your office. Certainly, remove the faceplate when installing smart thermostats at your company office building.

Disconnect Old Wiring And Backplate

Now, you are ready to disconnect the old thermostats wiring and backplate. As you disconnect each wire, be sure to accurately label them. For disconnection, some wires may need to be unscrewed from the backplate. When you do this, be incredibly careful. Some wires may have a tendency to fall back into the wall. Some construction experts recommend using fishing string to keep these wires stationary. Once all the wires are out, simply disconnect the old backplate from the wall. Surely, disconnect the old wiring and backplate to install your new smart thermostat.

Install Your New Device

At this point, it is time to install your new smart thermostat device. Begin by installing the new base or backplate first. Then, you can start threading these safe, low-voltage wires through the designated opening. Most new thermostats are self-leveling. If yours isn’t, you may want to attach a leveler tool as well. Otherwise, the installation will appear rushed, and won’t look visually aesthetic. Now, connect all the required wiring into the specified screw terminals. If the connections don’t match, carefully refer back to the installation guide. Before powering back on, tighten any loose wires or connections. Some smart thermostats also require a battery, so you may need to install one as well.

Program The Thermostat

Once installed, you are ready to start programming your new smart thermostat. Since you purchased a smart, internet-connected device, the majority of programming can be done right from your mobile phone. On the actual device, all you need to do is connect to the internet. Then, your phone will recognize the thermostat – allowing you to manage it remotely. From here, you’ll be asked a few basic questions about your home and temperature preferences. You should expect a relatively easy process, which takes no longer than fifteen minutes.

There’s a few critical steps to install smart thermostats at your company’s office building. Start off by checking device compatibility with your existing HVAC system. Next, remove the faceplate and expose the wiring. From here, you can disconnect the old wiring and existing backplate. Then, install your new, smart connected device. Once it powers on, you are ready to start programming the new system. Fortunately, most of this can be done right from your smartphone. With all these steps, you can go a step forward in making work hassle free. Follow the points above to learn how to install smart thermostats at your company’s office building.