How Does the Plate Model Diet Work?

Practical weight loss tips and easily implemented advice are worth their weight in gold. Here you can find out how you can lose weight easily and without having to do without using the plate model. This is how the plate model diet works.

To lose weight successfully and in the long term, the calorie intake is of great importance. Not only the amount is eaten, but also the composition of the meals plays an important role.

The plate model provides ideal information about this and can be used on all menus – regardless of whether they are consumed in the restaurant, at home, or when invited.

Losing Weight Tips with the Plate Model

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The plate model for a healthy and balanced diet is as follows:

    • 2/5 of the plate of vegetables or salad
  • 2/5 of the plate of starch (bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, corn, legumes, cereal flakes)
  • 1/5 of a plate of protein (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, tofu, Quorn, seitan)

If you want to lose weight and follow a reduced-calorie diet, the plate model is as follows:

  • 1/2 of the plate of vegetables or salad
  • ¼ of the plate of starch
  • ¼ of the plate of protein side dish

The vegetable portion is increased in favor of a smaller carbohydrate (glycogen) portion, and the protein side dish is also enhanced like the vegetable portion.

Whether you need to lose weight or just want a healthy diet, every meal should consist of these three components. This ensures long-lasting satiety and provides various vitamins and minerals to meet your daily needs.

Besides, an unsweetened drink should not be missing to meet the fluid requirement. If you like, you can treat yourself to fruit as a dessert or a small sweet once a day, such as a row of chocolates or 2 to 3 biscuits.

Examples of Diet According to the Plate Model:

For Breakfast

  • 120-150g fruits or 2 dl vegetable or fruit juice (unsweetened)
  • Cereal flakes (starch side dish)
  • 200g low-fat curd or yogurt nature (protein side dish)


  • 120-150g fruits or 2 dl vegetable or fruit juice (unsweetened)
  • A piece of wholemeal bread (starch side dish)
  • 30g hard cheese (protein side dish)

For Lunch or Dinner

  • Small appetizer salad and a large portion of spinach (vegetables/salad)
  • A ladle of rice (starch side dish)
  • Fish fillet (protein side dish)


  • Large mixed salad plate (vegetables/salad)
  • A piece of wholemeal bread (starch side dish)
  • 125g cottage cheese (protein side dish)


  • A vegetable puree soup (vegetables/salad)
  • Two medium-sized potatoes
  • 100g Lean Rippli (protein side dish)

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