From High-Tops To Low-Tops: 7 Must-Have Sneakers For Men

As the fashion world changes swiftly in the blink of an eye, new styles and trends arrive in men’s footwear. But sneakers are here to stay. From designers to everyday sneakers, you will find different designs of sneakers for men at various top fashion brands like Neemans. The trick is to know how to style designer and everyday sneakers for various occasions. Once you know the drill, you will not become a fashion victim.

Ranging from functionality to nostalgic throwbacks, let us check out the different sneaker trends you must have for this season.

Styles Of Sneakers For Men

1. High-Top Sneakers: A Sneakerhead’s Delight

High-top sneakers are on the top list of every sneakerhead. These shoes offer the ultimate all-around awesomeness, making them wardrobe-essentials. The high tops of these shoes provide ankle support and urban flair that seamlessly blend fashion and function. Style these white sneakers with blue slim-fit jeans or joggers to showcase the high-top design.

2. Slip-On Sneakers: Effortless Chic

Who doesn’t love the comfort and versatility of slip-on sneakers? These have become the everyday sneakers for every fashionista who cannot compromise comfort and convenience. These basic sneakers can help you make a bold statement when styled with shorts, chinos, or even denim.

3. Synthetic Sneakers: Futuristic Edge

These are the everyday sneakers that you can add to your eco-friendly collection. They push the boundaries of conventional footwear, making them an ideal choice for sneakerheads who embrace modern materials and cutting-edge designs. These lightweight, water-proof black sneakers will elevate your smart-casual look for date nights and weekend brunches.

4. Dress And Smart Sneakers: From Boardroom To Bar

The sneakerhead who does not compromise their footwear choice with any other formal wear must choose these casual and dressy sneakers. These shoes, which are made of high-quality leather, are the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. Style these brown or black sneakers with tailored trousers or chinos and a crisp shirt for a smart-casual office look.

5. Athletic Sneakers: Beyond Gym

Athletic sneakers are a fashion statement rather than just a shoe for gyms. Pairing white sneakers with jeans and a graphic t-shirt is the go-to choice for every youngster for casual outings. Try neutral colours or hoodies for a more versatile and polished appearance. These are the basic sneakers that you can effortlessly style for any occasion.

6. Textile Blend Sneakers: Comfortable Creativity

Textile blend sneakers are an excellent choice for gym shoes in addition to athletic sneakers. These are comfortable and lightweight, with breathable uppers. Whether hitting a treadmill or running errands, these shoes keep your feet comfortable and healthy throughout your workouts.

7. Retro Sneakers: Nostalgic Vibes

Sneaker fashion changes frequently, but some retro-style sneakers for men take you to flashbacks. Pair your retro sneakers with skinny jeans and a polo shirt for the most dashing, timeless style.


In conclusion, sneakers are the talk of the town, and to follow the latest trends, keep checking the collection of top fashion brands like Neemans.